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T A P E x Invisible Women Curatorial Retreat

We are joining forces with our friends at T A P E to offer a new residential retreat for independent curators and fellow collectives working with film and moving image!


As independent curators, we know how challenging it is to find professional development opportunities at the mid-career stage. We also understand the difficulties of navigating the art and film world as freelancers. Independent curators are a vital resource for creative institutions, offering genuinely diverse perspectives, challenging orthodoxies, championing artists and bringing hard won specialist knowledge to the table. Yet our work is often undervalued, with low pay and bad working conditions meaning too many of us are burning out or losing momentum. We firmly believe we need to build our own eco-system and networks to help break these cycles and to ensure that progressive, innovative curation can continue to survive in the industry.

The retreat will take place 25 - 29 September 2024, at the Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel in the South of Sweden.

In the peaceful and restorative surroundings of the hostel we will join together for creative workshops, talks, film screening, group meals and gatherings. Our aim is to create together an open and safe space to talk about the reality of working in the sector, to build new connections and support networks and to reconnect to our creativity and purpose as curators.

Depending on demand, up to 12 participants will be selected to provide a variety of contexts and experiences. Successful applicants will be notified by 20 August. 

This opportunity is primarily aimed at curators working in Europe and the UK, but if you are interested in attending from further afield expressions of interest are welcome.

The cost of participating in the retreat is £950 per person, which includes breakfast, dinner and accommodation as well as all sessions. The cost of travel and visas is not included. We are in the process of connecting with organisations in the hope that we can offer sponsored spots, and we also encourage applicants to explore opportunities for external funding to offset the costs of attending. If you plan to apply for external funding from other channels, let us know on your expression of interest, and we can let you know as early as possible the likely outcome of your application and provide a letter of intent so you can pursue funding opportunities.

To express your interest in the retreat, please fill in the below form by 25 July!

Any questions and you can contact us directly via


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