Invisible Women Manifesto

1. Research is essential, but it is not everything. Follow your gut and ask questions.

2. Discovery is relative...

3. ...and it moves in cycles. We need a movement (we need multiple movements).

4. What is remembered now, might soon be forgotten. And vice versa.

5. To curate is a privilege - use that position to speak truth to power. Be creative, flexible, open.

    The films alone are not enough; we need invention to replace what has been lost.

6. Ask people, your friends, your collaborators, your audience - discovery is built on the personal.

7. Tell people. Tell everyone. All the time.

8. Collaborate. Ask for help. Share knowledge. This project is bigger than you.

9. Never forget: the archive is our past, present and future.

10. Blow away the dust - make it real, tangible, now!