Interview with podcaster and writer Karina Longworth

Invisible Women at Cinema Rediscovered

July 2021

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As part of the 2021 edition of Cinema Rediscovered we had the opportunity to talk to Karina Longworth, film writer and critic, and creator and host of the brilliant podcast You Must Remember This.


We really wanted to speak to Karina because she is someone who really encapsulates this idea that we’re passionate about - illuminating hidden and lost histories, especially marginalised histories.

Karina’s recent series Polly Platt: The Invisible Woman was a perfect example of how this idea of rewriting women into film history.

Polly Platt was a production designer, screenwriter and producer who worked on many of the most iconic films of the 1970s and 1980s.


She is still probably best remembered as the wife and collaborator of Peter Bogdanovich. In fact it’s strongly suggested that she essentially codirected Bogdanoich’s best films in the 1970s. 


However, Karina’s amazing, deep, ten part history demonstrates how much more there is to her story and puts forward a really compelling argument that although Platt never directed her own film, she was a key author on many of the films she worked on.

We are obsessed with this series, and so seized the opportunity to chat to Karina and quiz her about the series ourselves...

Interview with experimental filmmakers Azucena Losana & Elena Duque

Invisible Women at CinemaAttic

May 2021

In May 2021 our friends at CinemaAttic presented a programme celebrating Latin American experimental cinema - GAZE. PLAY. DREAM, a poetic and playful tryptic, told in three acts.


As part of GAZE. PLAY. DREAM. CinemaAttic invited us to interview two brilliant artist filmmakers, Elena Duque and Azucena Losana. In this extended Q&A we unpack their inspirations (look out for some collective Margaret Tait gushing), dive deep into their shared themes, and discuss the power of creative collaboration and artistic friendship.