Femspectives 2021: Jane Arden discussion  

24 April 2021, 4.30pm 

Online film screening / Zoom Discussion


We'll be joining this year's Femspectives Online Festival Weekender for a screening of Jane Arden’s groundbreaking 1972 film The Other Side of Underneath and a discussion about feminist work in the film archive


The Other Side of Underneath (1972)

Jane Arden | UK | English with captions | 133′


An adaptation of Jane Arden’s work with women’s theatre group, The Holocaust, The Other Side of Underneath is a harrowing deep-dive into female psyche, schizophrenia and sexual guilt. Blurring the lines between reality and imagination, the film combines scenes of group psychotherapy sessions with nightmarish fantasies.

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Content warnings
Discussion of schizophrenia, domestic violence and medication.
Depiction of drowning, resuscitation, violence against women, severe mental distress, forced medication, sex, menstrual blood, crucifixion, psychotherapy, nudity, child nudity, knife blade, axe, open-casket burial, war, fire.

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She Shoots, She Draws: A History of Women in Animation 

Invisible Women at London Drawing Group

26 April 2021, 6.30pm 

Online Talk

Animation Talk 1.jpeg

In this illustrated talk, we'll be taking you through a brief, partial but fascinating history of women in animation. Using clips and stills, we'll do our best to tell the story of the trailblazers who built the form, often with minimal recognition, working at both the heart of the industry and at its radical fringes. The story of these films, and the women behind them, offers bold, bright and compelling insights into our shared socio-cultural history. Best of all, they offer a cheeky one-in-the-eye to the male gaze - when women hold the pen, all bets are off.

A full decade before Disney’s Snow White, German animator Lotte Reiniger made The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), one of the first feature length animations. Her breakthrough set a precedent that has been echoed throughout the history of the form. From Mary Ellen Bute’s computer generated “electronic paintings” to Joy Batchelor’s pivotal role in producing the first British feature length animation Animal Farm (1954), the genre-melting work of art school animators to the protest films of the feminist workshop movement, women have consistently worked at the cutting edge of this most innovative of artforms.

This will be an online lecture via Zoom

Tickets are on donation basis (£12 suggested) and you can get yours here 

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Check out their full Spring term programme here


The London Drawing Group is a collective of three contemporary artists currently practising in London. Although their practices are individually varied and diverse, they are brought together by their shared love of and passion for drawing.


Their aim as a collective is simply to get more people drawing, making, connecting and engaging with art. They believe that art is for everyone, and that sometimes the only thing keeping people from engaging in the playful, unknown and unpredictable process of art-making, is that it can seem intimidating. Through working to break down contextual barriers through innovative methods of teaching and creating, they hope to make drawing approachable to everyone.