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Powell & Pressburger in the Wild: Three Video Essays

You may never have watched one of their films, but you've likely experienced a Powell & Pressburger image in the wild...

In these three captivating mini-essays writer and creator Pavan Bivigou distills the brilliance of the films of Powell & Pressburger, allowing us to see these classic films anew by re-imagining these classics through post-colonialist and feminist lenses.

Powell & Pressburger: Romance

I never thought it possible that an Englishman could be so romantic...

Powell & Pressburger: Women

Powell & Pressburger's women like to stare, all their determination, disappointment, dread and desire in one look...

Powell & Pressburger: Red

Red for passion, red for warning, red for shoes, of course...

These video essays were created by Pavan Bivigou. They were commissioned by Invisible Women and T A P E Collective as part of BFI's touring programme Cinema Unbound:The Creative Worlds of Powell and Pressburger.

Feel free to share these essays (with credit) and spread the P&P love.


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